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Parish Information Concerning the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

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St Clare's church is open for a period each day, for private prayer. Click here for further details. From Saturday 4th July it will be possible for some people to attend Mass in the church, but only for those who have contacted us in advance and have received confirmation of a place at Mass.


The Mass is streamed live from St Clare's every day at 10am on our YouTube channel (to access this, use the link above). Other events may also be streamed. On this page, you will always be able to find a full timetable for the coming days. All parish groups and meetings are still suspended until further notice.

The information on this page will be regularly updated.


Parish Timetable (updated regularly):

No events

Please see the parish newsletter for a full timetable for this week.


Whilst there are restrictions on gatherings that prevent the celebration of Mass, Liturgy and parish events, we intend to make use of YouTube to share videos of services/parish life. If the technology allows, we may "live stream" where possible and so please check back here for more details.

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Silent Adoration

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Silent Adoration

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Sunday Mass - 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 27th September 2020

Holy Mass - Feria 26 September 2020

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Holy Mass - Feria 26 September 2020

Holy Mass & Rosary - Feria Friday 25 September 2020

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Holy Mass & Rosary - Feria Friday 25 September 2020



Questions and Answers

Here you will find some answers to common questions...


  • Can I attend Mass?

    From 4th July it is possible for a limited number of people to attend Mass. You must contact us in advance if you wish to start returning to Mass, letting us know which day(s) you would like to come, and how many people from your household/support bubble will attend. Please do not come unless you have received confirmation from us that there will be space for you. Various safety measures are in place, including strict 2m social distancing and additional cleaning.

  • I am self-isolating. How can I stay in touch with the Church?

    We are livestreaming Mass from St Clare's every day at 10am, and will also publish homilies, reflections and prayer resources on this page. Pastoral support is being offered over the phone. Information about confession and the anointing of the sick is given below. You can also use our social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (all @StClareFulwood) to keep in touch. We are committed to keeping the community close together, even if we cannot be physically with one another.

  • I am self-isolating and struggling to cope. Can the parish help me?

    Yes. Fr Andrew and a team of parishioners are available to offer support and practical help. Please don't hesitate - contact us to discuss your situation and we'll do what we can to support you. Use the contact form below or call 01772 719604. Offers of help from parishioners are also welcome. Please also contact us if you could join our team of those offering support to those in need.

  • Can I still go to confession?

    Confession is available on request. Please contact us via the website or email, or on 01772 719604 to make an appointment. Safety measures are in place.

  • Can I receive the anointing of the sick?

     We will offer this sacrament, wherever possible, to those in need of it. It may be impossible in some circumstances to visit those who are self-isolating - please contact us to discuss your specific situation - use the contact form below or call 01772 719604. For anyone in hospital, please speak to staff on the ward, who will advise you, and - if possible - arrange for a priest to visit.

  • My relative is in hospital. Can they see a priest?

    This depends on the situation. Some parts of the hospital will be marked as isolation units and visits from a priest may not be possible. Speak to the staff who are looking after your relative; they will explain the situation, and - if possible - arrange for a priest to visit.

  • Can I still request that a Mass be offered for my intentions?

    Yes. Contact us using the form below or call 01772 719604. Any Masses which have already been requested will be offered as planned, unless you request otherwise.

  • Is it still possible to have a funeral at St Clare's?

    Funerals can take place in church, but with a number of restrictions in place. Contact your Funeral Director to discuss your situation, and they will liaise with the church.

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