Throw wide the doors

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IMG 4541r

Today work has begun on widening the emergency doors in the church.

This work is necessary to improve the safe capacity of the church, making sure that we have adequate exits for a larger number of people during and after the construction work on the narthex. The image gives a good impression of the change: you can see the outline of the old door and the new, so it's easy to see just how much wider the exits will be.

IMG 4545

Glass from the window above the old doorway has been removed for safe keeping, but unfortunately, it won't fit the new exit, so we won't be able to put it back in place. Also today, work has taken place to divert the electricity supply away from the footprint of the new building. Most of these preparatory works should be finished in the next fortnight, ahead of the main work beginning in early September.

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