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Illustration of the new Narthex for St Clare's church


From Monday 4th September the builders will be on site, demolishing the porch before building the narthex. The project is expected to take 16 weeks, so should be finished (weather permitting) just before Christmas. The information below explains how St Clare’s will function during the building work:

The Church will remain open throughout and will be used as normal for Mass, both during the week and on Sundays. It will also be available for funerals and baptisms throughout. However, access will be via the side chapel only. We will enter and leave the church via the chapel, where hymn books, Mass books, newsletters etc. will be available.

The Blessed Sacrament will be reserved in the side chapel Monday-Friday (weekends in church as normal), as there is likely to be some noise in the church as the building work takes place. The side chapel will be open for private prayer.

Toilet Facilities: the toilet in the sacristy corridor will be open, only during Mass and other services. It must only be accessed from the side chapel, not via the double doors close to the font.

The Car Park will also remain open, however we will lose 5 or 6 spaces, as these will be in the area fenced off by the contractor. We are working closely with the school to minimise disruption during dropping off and picking up times.

The Parish Hall is unaffected by the work and will be in use as normal.

A map showing the layout of the site during the work is on display in the porch.

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