Goodbye to the porch

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Today the church porch was used for the last time before being demolished in the coming days.

After the evening Mass the last items were removed by a team of willing volunteers, leaving just an empty shell. For almost 40 years this porch has served as the entrance to St Clare's church, but now it stands empty, ready for demolition, so that a new and much larger entrance can be built in the coming weeks. Work starts on Monday (4th September) and will hopefully be finished by Christmas. The church will remain in use throughout, but can only be accessed via the side chapel. Find out more here.

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Our last visitor to the porch is not a regular at St Clare's. This cat wandered in just after we'd finshed clearing the porch, maybe wondering what all the fuss was about. He or she left safely, leaving the site ready for the contractors to start work in the morning. Below are a few photos of the porch taken on its last day of use.

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