At panes to impress!

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SAM 6425

The impressive glazing on the front of the narthex is now almost complete.

This morning the team - assisted by a large crane - put in place most of the upper panes of glass (there is one smaller pane, at the top, still to arrive), giving a good impression of how the church will look when building work is complete. We now expect the narthex to open sometime in late January.

SAM 6394

There were a few tense moments as the largest pane was hoisted into place...

SAM 6415

Behind this pane will hang the newly-restored figure of Christ, visible as a sign that this church is a place of Christian prayer and that here the Lord Himself is present. The restoration of this statue is remarkable - here is a 'before and after' comparison:

before and after

Meanwhile, work continues inside the building, with plenty of progress being made (installation of wiring and heating, and some of the plasterwork already done). There is plenty more to do! The image below, taken a couple of weeks ago, gives a good impression of how the space looks and feels inside:

SAM 6361

Click on the gallery below for more images. The interior pictures date from 24th November, and the exterior pictures were taken today (8th December).

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SAM_6421.JPG SAM_6425.JPG before_and_after.JPG

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