Catholic Chaplaincy Royal Preston Hospital - The Work We Do

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The work we do


The hospital Chaplain along with his team provide spiritual, pastoral and sacramental care to patients, staff and visitors.


The Catholic Chaplaincy team aim to visit all wards three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays with the exception of Fellview, Barton and Bleasdale which are visited on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We visit to offer comfort and support to all patients, but with priority to the sacramental, spiritual and pastoral needs of Catholics. For many reasons we do not always get to see all patients. This maybe because a doctor or other health professional is visiting or the patient maybe having tests. If you feel that you have been missed please ask the ward staff to contact the Chaplain on your behalf.

We hope that your stay in hospital will not be long, but during your stay here, the chaplain and his team will try their best to support you in whatever way they can. Please be assured of our prayers for you during this time of uncertainty.