Catholic Chaplaincy Royal Preston Hospital - Hospital Chapel

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Hospital Chapel


The hospital chapel and private prayer room are always open during the day and may be used for prayer, meditation and quiet time. The hospital chapel is situated on the ground floor on the same corridor as Charters Restaurant. With your back to the lifts on the ground floor of the main hospital block turn left and walk to the first cross roads and turn right, the chapel is further down on the right hand side. The chapel is open from 06:00 hours till 17:30 hours seven days a week. At all other times the chapel can be opened by contacting security, you may use the white phone outside the chapel to make contact.



The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the hospital chapel in a small private prayer room on the left hand side when you go in the chapel. Mass is celebrated every Monday in the chapel at 5:15pm to which everyone is welcome.

Requests for prayer

There is a prayer request book placed on the table to the left hand side of the doors as you go into the main chapel. This book is a place where requests for prayers for yourself or family and friends can be placed. During Mass these intentions are prayed for, the intentions are also prayed for during the Ecumenical Prayer Meeting on Mondays in the chapel. There are also a number of people who pray for those mentioned in the prayer request book. If you are unable to go to the chapel, one of the chaplains or volunteer visitors will be happy to enter your prayer in the book for you.


There are a number of copies of the New Testament and Psalms provided on each ward for your use, courtesy of the Gideons. Please ask one of the ward staff if you are interested in borrowing one of these bibles.

Requests for visits

If you or a relative are in hospital and would like to see the chaplain or a member of the team, please contact the chaplaincy department on 01772 522435. In an emergency always ask the ward staff to contact the on-call priest via the hospital switchboard.