Young parishioners: faith at home

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May preparation

It's great to see that the children of our parish are keeping their faith strong during the lockdown!

Families have been sharing pictures with us at church and at school, showing how children have been marking Easter at home, praying and learning more about our faith. Some, like Charlie, have shared pictures of their brilliant RE home learning:

charlie moses 1

...whilst others, like Ava, have shown us their colourful Easter cards...

ava easter 1

... and there have been some stunning Easter gardens:

thumbnaileaster garden

Matthew has been helping to lead his family in prayer:

IMG 20200412 WA0018

Some have obviously been inspired by Father Leopold - look at this great drawing by Ashish!

Fr Leopold picture

It looks like our Lego priest inspired Alessio to make this fabulous shrine to Our Lady:

Mary Shrine

Some of the children, like Jacson and Daniel, have been visiting the outdoor shrine at Ladyewell with their families as part of their daily exercise:

Ladyewell 1

And some, like Evie, have been practising their faith by raising money for charity, showing love for others. Look at those delicious cakes and biscuits!


Giulietta and Alessio combined their fundraising for the NHS with the V.E. Day celebrations - great idea!


We are so blessed to have so many faithful children and families as part of our parish community, and it's wonderful that our school does so much to support them in their faith, even when the children can't be in class. You can see more examples and pictures of the children's faith on the regularly updated school blog:

Click on the images below to take a closer look at some of the photos we have received.

2020-05-05-004.jpg EWTyAecX0AERSgH.jpg Fr_Leopold_picture.jpg

Good_Friday.jpg IMG-20200412-WA0018.jpg Ladyewell_1.jpg

Ladyewell_2.jpg Ladyewell_3.jpg Lemonade.jpeg

Mary_Shrine.jpg Mary_shrine_2.jpg May_preparation.jpg

ava-easter-1.jpg charlie-easter-1.jpg charlie-moses-1.jpg

corey-easter-1.jpg easter-garden-2-w900.jpg freddie-easter-2.jpg

kara-lego.jpg photo-2020-04-22-19-45-08.jpg thumbnail20200501124017.jpg

thumbnail2bfa1346-aa5c-4b0c-8e2b-06e0712069a2.jpg thumbnaileaster-garden.jpg thumbnailimage0-1-2.jpg

thumbnailimage1-1-1.jpg thumbnailimage3-1.jpg thumbnailimage4-1.jpg

thumbnailimg20200423111926.jpg willow-easter.jpg


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