Preparing to return to Mass

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Soon we will begin to reopen for public Mass - but it will be a while before it looks like this again!

This is not an immediate return to normal. Two metre social distancing will be in place, which means the church has very limited capacity and we may not be able to accommodate everyone who would like to come. There will be other safety measures, including additional cleaning and some small changes during Mass itself. It's vital that you contact us in advance and that you do not try to attend unless you have received confirmation from the parish that we have sufficient space.

If you would like to attend Mass:

Please contact us, preferably by email or by using the 'contact us' form on this website: click here; if you don’t use email, please phone us: 719604.

We need the following information from you:
• Your name (and, if you are not using email, a phone number)
• The day(s) when you would be able to attend. If at the weekend, please let us know morning/evening. Monday-Friday Mass will continue to be at 10am.
• How many people from your household/support bubble will attend (you will sit together at Mass, so it’s vital we know how many are in your group).
• If you are under 70 years old, in good health and willing to help as a steward at the Mass, please indicate this in your email.

You will receive an email (or phone call) giving a date and time when we will be able to welcome you to Mass. There is still no obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday at this time.

Important: Please do not come to the Mass unless you have received confirmation that we can accommodate you. Additional Masses may be celebrated as required, but it may not be possible for every person to attend Mass every week at this stage.

CONFESSIONS are now available by request/appointment. Contact Fr Andrew using the details above to make an appointment.

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