Day of Prayer for Rebuilding

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After nearly 18 months of disruption and suffering, we spent a day before the Blessed Sacrament praying for the renewal and rebuilding of our parish.


Beginning with 12noon Mass, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for solemn Adoration until 10pm. Most of the time was spent in silent prayer, with a steady stream of people coming and going all day; some called in for a couple of minutes of prayer; some spent several hours in company with the Lord. We also celebrated sung Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Benediction, and ended our time with Compline (Night Prayer) and Benediction at 10pm.


The beautiful scene was clearly visible to passers-by. Thank you to the small team who helped to make the sanctuary look so beautiful, to those who helped out with sanitising benches throughout the day, and to everyone who took part in this day.


As the evening drew on, we dimmed the lights and were left with a simple focus on the Blessed Sacrament, illumated by a single spotlight and the surrounding candles. Many people commented on how peaceful and beautiful it looked. May the Lord bring much fruit from this time, giving our parish the grace and the gifts we need to grow in faith and love as we rebuild in the coming months.

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