Help us open our doors!

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Church closed

From Monday 15th June we can open for private prayer... but only with your help! Can you lend a hand?

In order for churches to open safely, two volunteers are needed at all times, to act as stewards. Volunteers will be properly informed about their role and given everything necessary to safely carry out their work. People who are over 70, have underlying health conditions or are living with someone who is shielding should not volunteer for this work. Please note that volunteers will need to be alert to the surroundings, keeping an eye on what is happening in the church and any people coming and going, so will not be able to use their volunteering time for prayer (though, of course, they are welcome to visit and pray at other times). If you can volunteer, we are asking for one hour per week to help us open our doors.

Can you help?

If you can offer one hour per week of your time, from Monday 15th June, please contact the parish office. The 'slots' we need filling are:

On a weekday (Monday-Friday): 4:30pm-5:30pm or 5:30pm-6:30pm
On a Saturday: 11am-12noon or 12noon-1pm
On a Sunday: 2pm-3pm or 3pm-4pm

We need to know:
- Your name and contact details (email, phone number and address)
- Which of the above slots you would be willing to cover
- If you can give more than one hour, please let us know how many slots you would be willing to cover
- If you already volunteer in some other capacity for the parish (please indicate your role(s))

These arrangements are likely to be in place for a few weeks, but even if you can only help for a week or two, please contact us, as it would help us get things up and running. If you are willing to fill more than one slot, please let us know how many hours you could give. We will then produce a rota, asking you to cover a specific slot (or slots) according to the availability you have indicated to us.

Please note: opening times are not yet confirmed. Once we're sure that everything is ready, opening times will be announced separately.

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