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After months of preparation finally the First Holy Communion Day dawned bright and sunny and matching the weather was the disposition of the boys & girls and of the whole celebratory Mass.


Using the theme of the Good Shepherd, it was after all Good Shepherd Sunday, the girls & boys teased out that Jesus was their Good Shepherd but that he comes to us in many people who act on his behalf as other Good Shepherds. Mums and dads, grandparents, teachers, priests etc. They learned too, the they could be Good Shepherds, when they reached out to help others. They were remeinded that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, feeds his sheep in a particular way; they were going to receive the food that only Jesus can give: the gift of his body & blood in Holy Communion.

Thanks was offered for those who had led the girls & boys to this day: their Catechists.

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