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Tonight we had the first meeting of our CTS Book Club, a chance to share some reflections on our spiritual reading.

It works more or less like any book club - each month, we read a booklet from the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) and meet together to share our thoughts on reflections on what we have read. There is, however, one important difference: whereas a typical book club might seek to examine a book and decide on its strengths and weaknesses, here the aim is to let the book 'examine us', hopefully shining a light on some of the strengths and weaknesses of our own lives. In this way, our spiritual reading helps us to grow in faith and in love. This month we have been reading a booklet called 'Living Fruitfully: Generosity' by Fr John S. Hogan (more details here). It provides some very thought-provoking reflections on the generosity of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, who helps us to go beyond our ordinary generosity to a love and generosity inspired by God's grace. People in the group were especially moved by the beautiful stories of generosity of the saints which we read about in the book. It was great to listen to each other and learn from each other's experiences, insights and struggles in trying to live a life of generosity inspired by the Spirit. The next meeting of the book club takes place on Sunday 15th April, again in the new narthex, after the Sunday evening Mass, and we will be discussing another booklet from the same series: "Living Fruitfully: Joy" by Monsignor Paul Grogan. Copies of the booklet will be available in the parish shortly, or you get order it directly from CTS (on paper or as an 'ebook') by clicking here.

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