Corpus Christi

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Today we celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ - the Eucharist - often called by its Latin title, 'Corpus Christi'.

This is a celebration of the great sacrament of the Lord's Body and Blood, that He left us as a memorial of His suffering and death, and so that He - the risen Lord - might be present with us. When we receive Holy Communion we are united with Him, and - as He tells us in today's Gospel - we draw life from Him. But first, we must simply worship Him. There is a deanery Blessed Sacrament Procession taking place at St Walburge's at 2pm, and on Friday we had our own procession for our parish and school. Here you can see a few pictures from the procession. It was wonderful to see the children being so devout and reverent before the Lord, and their singing was magnificent. We look forward to our 40 Hours devotion, taking place in the parish 13-16 July, which will give us another great opportunity to adore the Lord in this great sacrament.

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