Ad multos annos!

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Today at the Cathedral, the ordination of Bishop Paul Swarbrick took place.

Bishop Paul is the seventh Bishop of Lancaster, and takes over the leadership of the diocese immediately. The ordination Mass was a very joyful occasion: the Cathedral was full, the music uplifting, the feeling joyful. Well over 100 priests were present, along with most of the bishops of England and Wales.

SAM 7017Pictured after the ordination, from left to right: Archbishop Edward Adams, the Apostolic Nuncio (the Pope's ambassador) to Great Britain; Bishop Emeritus Michael Campbell, Bishop Paul Swarbrick, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster. This is a very joyful day for the whole Diocese, and we warmly congratulate Bishop Paul. We also pray for him, asking God to grant him all the strength, wisdom and courage that he needs to lead the diocese in the years ahead. The greeting 'Ad multos annos' (literally - 'to many years') is often offered at an ordination, and we echo that today: for many years ahead, may Bishop Paul be a faithful and loving shepherd of the diocese, after the heart of Christ, the Good Shepherd, who calls us into His flock.

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Meanwhile, back at St Clare's, we offered Mass this evening for Bishop Paul's intentions, then had a small reception in the narthex to celebrate the day's events. Here, we raise a glass to our new Bishop. You can see more of our own pictures below, but for a really fine record of the ordination, visit the Bishops' Conference Flickr page for some wonderful images of the days events:

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