Welcoming the Franciscans

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The Franciscan Sisters and a Friar of the Renewal have arrived at St Clare's for a six-day visit, and have already been getting to know some of the young parishioners!

On Sunday evening they spent time at our 'Anointed' youth group, which is led my Metanoia Project (www.metanoiaproject.co.uk). They spent time in prayer, singing, talks and activities, helping the young people to discover their own call to holiness.


This morning the Franciscans spent the morning in our primary school. At assembly the children learnt a song (with actions!) which helped them to understand what the sisters wear, and what it symbolises. They then heard a little about the life of St Francis from some of his modern-day followers.


After the assembly there was time to call into the classes to meet the children and answer a few questions. The children were really fascinated by our visitors and had lots of questions about what life is like for the sisters, what they do, and even why they smile so much! Click on the gallery below for more images of the first day of the visit, and don't miss your opportunity to meet the sisters and friar: the full timetable can be found here.


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