Hodovo Updates 4th - 5th August

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The lastest updates from Hodovo in Bosnia where some of our young people are currently visiting, through a parish project.


Monday 4th August

Today we headed back to Hodovo to inspect the painting now that it had time to dry. There were places that needed to be touched up here and there which was done in no time. We had arranged for the young people to come up to the school to play football with our young people. While the young people played the adults spent time talking with some of the staff. At lunch time we all shared lunch at the cafe next to the school where we had been eating each day while at the school. After lunch we said goodbye to the young people we then where taken for a tour of some local attractions by Vjecko. After that we returned to the school to look around the settlement village. We then said goodbye and headed back to Medjugorje. After dinner we joined the youth festival for adoration for an hour, you could have heard a pin drop. It was unbelievable thousands of you people all in front of the Blessed Sacrament in silence. Later we went back to the hotel after an ice cream. And before bed the group prayed the rosary which had become the tradition each night that we were there.

Tuesday 5th August

Today we spent at Medjugorje, first off was a walk to blue cross through the vineyards. We also passed the foot of Apparition Hill. We prayed for a while at each place and also prayers the rosary on the way there and on our return. We also visited the Cenacolo community just further up from blue cross mountain. We discovered while we was there that later in the afternoon there would be testimony in English so after lunch we returned back up the hill to listen. The testimony was accepted well by all and was of benefit to our young people. After this we headed back to the town where the young people had some free time. After dinner we joined the youth festival for the closing celebration which were very lively and young people clearly enjoyed themselves. The celebrations finished just after 11pm, we then headed back to the hotel for the rosary and then bed to be up early to depart Medjugorje to travel back to Dubrovnik to be closer to the airport.

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