Return from Hodovo

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The whole project has been a fantastic experience on so many levels. In the first place there has been the tremendous generosity of the people of St Clare’s in supporting this project.

There has been also the young people who have worked hard in fundraising for this project, and of course, the giving of their time and energy to go out and complete the work. The 10 young who have represented St. Clare’s have been an absolute credit to themselves, their families and our community. They completed the work that we set out to do with joy, not one moan was heard, and they worked in temperatures of 38 degrees. All the adults on this project have commented how they have seen these young people grow together over the week, not only grow as a group but also individuals. Christ has been very much the centre of all we have done in Hodovo and also our participation of the youth festival at Medjugorje. Special thanks goes to the adults on this trip who have given up their to travel with and support our young people on this journey.

Fr Darren


Wednesday 6th August

Today was time to leave Medjugorje and began the journey towards home, I say towards home because we had already prearranged to stay closer to the airport on Wednesday evening, which was a good idea considering what happened to Mark last Sunday when he missed his flight. We set off at 10.30 and travelled to about 30km from the airport the journey took 6.5 hours due to long waits at border controls. We arrived at the hotel in the area called Tribenje. Once there we went to look around the town before eating together, and at 10pm it was time for bed to prepare for an early start the following morning.

Thursday 7th August

This morning was a 7am start to load the mini buses before breakfast at 7.30 and then we left for the airport at 8.20am , there was a bit of a delay at the border, but we got to the airport just before 10 ready for our flight at 12 noon, which departed on time. As I write this we are currently at 35000 feet in the air.


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