Seekers end of term trip

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Seekers End Term Trip

Seekers End of Term Trip Yesterday evening 33 children from our Seekers Youth Group went to Rascals Play Centre accompanied by myself, Ruth & Joe and the volunteers from the youth group.

The children had an amazing time. When they first arrived they explored all the different slides and climbing frames and anything else they could find. After a short while the tea was served and we all sat and ate together, after this they were straight back to having fun. Some children tried to convince me to go down the slide to which I responded with some excuse. The next thing I knew was that there were 33 children shouting for me to go down the slide, in the end I did not have much choice as they would not stop until I went down the slide. So I went down the slide with all 33 of them following close behind. Joe, Emma, Eileen and Anne also took the slide and climbing fames. A good time was had by all and we look forward to seeing the group next term when we re-start on Tuesday 6th May. Many thanks to Eileen, Emma and Anne for all their support over the last term


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