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Day Five 

Yesterday we attended the Catechesis at the Kraków Tauron Arena, there were some really good speakers giving their life experiences of God.

Cardinal Luis Tagle was the main speaker and gave the Catechesis, he was also the main celebrant at the Mass celebrated in the Arena. There were around 20,000 who attended the Catechesis  and the Mass. After the Mass we made our way back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch and a little rest we made our way to Blonia Park for the Papal welcome.

There were over one million young people gathered to great Pope Francis, our group all listened to the translation of Pope Francis speech. The young people were really interested by what Pope Francis especially when he asked if it was possible to change the world, the reply from the young people was a bit quite. The Pope said he could not hear them and asked the question again "can we change the world"? The second reply was loud indicating they believed it is possible, if shown mercy. 

It was very busy when we left Blonia Park with over one million people leaving at the same time, we had to find a safe place and wait for some time before making our way to the coach


Day Six 

Today we returned to the Tauron Arena for another morning of talks which included a Catechesis given by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Cardinal Dolan is a very good speaker, he spoke about the importance of the love and mercy of God. He spoke about the day of the resurrection and what must have been going through the disciples minds when they encountered Christ for the first time since His crucifixion. He was saying that they would have been thinking what He would say to them about the day of the crucifixion and how they abandoned him. When in fact we know that all Christ gave them was mercy, love and compassion. These are the same things that we are called to give to our brothers and sisters, mercy, love and compassion. 

After Mass at the Arena we made our way back to the hotel for lunch before heading back out to join the large crowds for 'The Way Of The Cross' (stations of the cross) with the Pope in Blonia Park. 


Yesterday evening we joined the Pope again in a much sunnier Blonia Park for the way of the cross. For every station of the cross, we crowded around our radios to listen to the English translation of prayers, readings and short videos about how different Catholic groups put their faith into action as Jesus taught us in His way of the cross. It was great to be led by the Pope who talked about how God shares in all our suffering and how we must work to bring God's mercy into the world. There was an amazing buzz in the park and after the service ended we joined with young people from all over the world dancing, singing and exchanging mementos. It was another reminder of how we are part of a massive, global, Catholic family.


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