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The young people from the Neo-Catechumenal Way gathered at St Clare’s yesterday (Sunday) for the  Youth Scrutatio. These events take place around every six week; young people come from different Communities to spend time together. The event starts around 2pm withthe young people just spending a little time together.

At 2.30pm the Scrutatio began with an introduction to the chosen word, which this time was 'Humility.' The young people were given a talk on this
word for around 15 minutes. So as to prepare for this Scrutatio, the young epople had been given a Gospel passage to read: Luke 18: 9-14. The young people then spend around 1 hour reading the passage and following the side references in the bible.

After the hour the young people enter into dialogue with a priests on how this word has spoken to them. The scrutatio concludes with Evening Prayer and adoration of  the Blessed Sacrament. Then the young people share a meal together before traveling back home. This time the young people attended from the Communities in Blackpool, Liverpool, Balckburn and of course the young people from our own
Communities here at St Clare’s.

Fr Darren.

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