Pilgrimage to Lourdes

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Cheque Presentation

Just over a week before Fr. Darren and our young people set off for the Lancaster Diocese pilgrimage to Lourdes, to help them on their way Mr Waddingham on behalf of the Catenian aAsociation presented Emma, Josh, Nisha and Peter with a cheque each for £42.00, these cheques have been added to the other money that was raised.


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Youth Retreat

St Clare's parish youth retreat 5th - 7th July 2013, St Clare's parish was joined by the Holy youth group from Cottam along with some people from St Gregory and Corpus Christi High school. In effect the first signs of a deanery youth retreat.



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Young People's DayTwo of the Parish Youth Groups - Seekers & God's Friends Forever - came together for a Young Peoples' Day on Sunday June 23rd. It began at 10.30am and went on until and including the Sunday evening Mass which the young people animated.