The Sacrament of Baptism - Introduction

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Introduction & Prayer

As parents of a new baby or a baby eagerly awaited, the responsibility and wonder you sense is something we want to celebrate with you as you bring your child to the Church for the Sacrament of Baptism. Our parish family is very happy to have a new member already here or on the way. Your child is important to our community as he/she will bring new life to you and to our Church.


Like all parents you hope to give your child all that is best for them, so that your child will grow to be a good and complete human being, achieving their God given potential and fullness of life. This will include a desire for your child to share in the life of Christ as a member of the Church. As you are aware the first step to sharing in the life of Christ and his Church is Baptism.


Baptism is a wonderful gift to offer your child. Through this Sacrament, your child will be incorporated into the Body of Christ and become a member of our household of faith, here at St Clare's. In your home, we hope your child will come to know, love and serve God. The following guidance is our way of assisting you and your child on your journey of faith in the Catholic Church.


We must point out that Baptism is not simply a "naming ceremony" or even just a blessing for a new baby. It is the beginning of the Christian life and the gateway to eternal life. It is our intention that this booklet will help you to understand this more fully and equip you to be able to decide if you wish your child to be baptised here at St Clare's


The Parish of St Clare's looks forward to welcoming your new arrival into our community of faith.


Best wishes



Lord we ask that you be with our family and send your Holy Spirit to help us to make the right decision for our child with regard to baptism. We also ask that you help us to be an example to our child through our faith journey.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen



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