Holy Week

Holy WeekHoly Week is the most important week of the Church's year. The purpose of Holy Week is to relive and particpate in the passion of Jesus Christ. It is our opportunity to be there at the Last Supper, at the foot of the Cross, and at the empty tomb on Easter morning.

The events of Holy Week are:

Holy Week and Easter Services


Palm Sunday(or Passion Sunday), the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.


Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday), the institution of Communion and the betrayal by Judas.


Good Friday, the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus Christ.


Holy Saturday, the Sabbath on which Jesus rested in the grave.



Maundy Thursday: This day takes its name from the Latin ‘Mandatum’ (command), because of Jesus’ command given that night: "Love one another, as I have loved you".  Today in our Cathedral all the priests of the Diocese will gather with the Bishop to renew their priestly commitment.  At that Mass also, the Holy Oils for use in the Diocese throughout the year will be blessed.  Hence the name: The Chrism Mass.

That evening at 7pm we celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper, recalling the institution of the Eucharist by our Lord and how He linked this with service by washing the feet of his Apostles. Twelve people will have their feet washed at the Mass. After this Mass, there will be ‘watching’ at the Altar of Repose in memory of the time spent by Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Watching will conclude with Night Prayer at just before midnight.


Good Friday: Today we celebrate the Passion and Death of our Lord.  We follow his path with Stations of the Cross at 10am and then, at 3pm enter into the Solemn Liturgy of his Passion. At 7pm there will be a reflective service of prayer around the cross, including night prayer and lasting around 30mins.


Holy Saturday: The day when the Church in hope of Christ’s Resurrection.  The Easter Vigil begins at 8.30pm.  In this Vigil, when we celebrate Christ rising from the dead, all things are made new.  We bless fire, light and water; we proclaim the Gospel of the Resurrection, we renew our own Baptismal Promises. We sing ‘Alleluia’ as we celebrate the first Mass of Easter and receive the Risen Lord in Holy Communion.




Entering Jerusalem

IMG 0864

On Palm Sunday we processed through the streets, marking the Lord's entry into Jerusalem, the beginning of Holy Week.

Hail Cross, our hope!

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Today we commemorate the death of the Lord. The solemn liturgy of the Lord's Passion took place at 3pm. We listened to the Word of God, venerated the Cross of Christ, and received Holy Communion. The cross is at the heart of this celebration: we are reminded that upon this wood hung the salvation of the world. So the cross is hailed as "our hope" - because Jesus, our Saviour, chose this as the instrument of salvation. Today's celebration took place without electric light, recalling the darkness that hung over the whole land as Jesus died on the cross for our salvation. Now we await the resurrection, the celebration of which begins at 8:30pm on Saturday, with the Easter Vigil and first Mass of the Resurrection. Easter Sunday Mass is at 9:30am and 6pm. Click below to see more images of today's beautiful celebration.

Mass of the Lord's Supper

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This evening we began our celebration of the sacred Triduum - the three days in which Our Lord gives Himself to us in the Eucharist, gives Himself for us on the Cross, and rises from the dead, that He might open for us the way to eternal life. The Mass of the Lord's Supper, which begins these three days, allows us to be present at the last meal shared by Jesus and His disciples - a meal at which He gave us the Eucharist and the Priesthood, He washed the feet of His disciples as an example of service, and gave us the new commandment: "Love one another, as I have loved you."

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All of these events are celebrated at this liturgy. At the end of Mass, the Blessed Sacrament is carried in procession to the Altar of Repose, which represents the garden of Gethsemane. Here we have the opportunity to do what Jesus asked of Peter, James and John: to stay, keep watch and pray with Him as He accepts the Father's will. The Altar of Repose is beautifully decorated with candles and flowers, in honour of Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, and interceding for us in our need. If you are reading this before midnight on Holy Thursday, call in and spend some time in prayer: the Lord is there, waiting for you. More images of tonight's Mass in the gallery below.

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Holy Week Liturgy 2018

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Here is a full list of the Liturgy at St Clare's for the most important week of the year.

Good Friday

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The Good Friday liturgy is the most solemn of the year. The church was in darkness during the afternoon, as we gathered around the cross to mourn the death of Christ and to thank Him for showing such great love for us.

Holy Thursday

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The evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday gives us the chance to be at the Last Supper.

Palm Sunday

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Today is Palm Sunday, the day on which we celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, when He was acclaimed by the crowds with palms and shouts of 'Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!'


Easter Vigil

He is risen, indeed. Alleluia!

The great paschal vigil began with the blessing of the Easter Fire and preparation of the Easter Candle which was then carried into a darkened Church each person taking a light from it until the church was aglow with the light of the Risen Christ.


Good Friday

The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed to a church filled to overflowing; the general intercession for the Church and the world; the unveiling and the veneration of the cross and the reception of Holy Communion.


Passion Play

Yes, an unusual name and one not noted by many people. It springs from the Gospel for this day of Holy Week where we are told that Judas 'spied out' his opportunity to betray Christ.


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday of the Passion of our Lord dawned with rather foreboding rain & winds and, for the first time in many a long year, the Blessing of Palms and the Gospel of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, had to be held indoors - in the Parish Hall followed by a rather rapid procession from the Hall into the church!